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Aussie Escapades, you need an adventure

“You can’t climb a mountain with downhill thoughts”. This is one of the many inspiring catchphrases of Justin Bonavia, director of adventure travel company Aussie Escapades. For Justin, life is for the living and he approaches every quest with excitement and enthusiasm, riding the waves of adventure the way a surfer tackles the ocean.

Justin has designed a range of ‘escapades’ in and around Victoria and Tasmania for the adventurous at heart. From budget adventures for backpackers to luxury days out for groups of friends or colleagues, every trip is guaranteed to be a fun exploration of something new and exhilarating.

Aussie Escapades offers travellers a unique opportunity to undertake action packed travel experiences with a great group of new, fun-loving friends. The chance to see Australia’s stunningly beautiful beaches, glorious mountains and clean fresh rivers is only the beginning. Visitors can challenge themselves to participate in new activities. Justin says, “If it scares you, embrace it”. His zest for life is infectious and before long you’ll believe you can do anything.

Skiing and snowboarding at the Victorian ski fields? Yes! Hiking in forests? Of course! Ziplining in the Otways? Why not? Bathing in the Peninsula Hot Springs Spas at Mornington Peninsula? Yes, please. Overnight hikes and camping? What better way to bask in the wonder of the bush? Cheese, Cider and Wine tasting in the Yarra Valley? Who could say no?
This weekend, adventurers have the option of joining the following trips:

Saturday – Mount Buller Snow Escapade
Hot springs Relaxing Saturday, 7am – 4.30pm
Sunday – Mt BullerSnow Escapade 5am-9pm.
Yarra Valley Wine, Cider and Cheese Escapade, 9am – 6.30pm

Departing from a convenient central location in the city near St Paul’s Cathedral, the Aussie Escapades crew will pick you up in their comfortable vehicles and deliver you back, exhausted and happy.

Go right now and connect with Justin and his team on Facebook – Aussie Escapades – or on Instagram @aussieescapades
You’ll have the time of your life.