Copywriting Case Study – Around and About Travel

The Project

Walter Edgar, from Around and About Travel, was unable to run his tours during the Covid lockdowns in Victoria so he decided to improve his website SEO. His content strategy included adding regular blog posts and getting a thorough proofread and edit of the site.


The Approach

Walter provided a list of blog topics that became the basis for the content. Using some prior knowledge, and my travel writing skills, I created engaging and informative blog posts for him to upload every fortnight.

I researched the appropriate SEO keywords and phrases and incorporated them into the copy. 

The Result

The Around and About Travel site now has over 26 new pages of quality content which gives the site more opportunities to be found by the Google search engines and by the company’s potential clients.The content is grammatically correct, there are no spelling errors and each post is easy to read and engaging.

The content on the website positions Walter’s travel company as one which knows a lot about the areas they travel to. Potential customers of Around and About Travel are inspired to visit the destinations and book tours.

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